H2O: Health & Hydration

Water purity is vital to life from the cellular level to the global biome. Therefore Satya Project wishes to established an international H2O discovery program to research water, pulling together resources from top scientist and laboratories from around the world. Satya Project expects great outcomes from such an international research program on purifying and optimizing water structure and composition for health.

Low hydration levels effects much of our earth’s population, caused by lack of water or impure water. This dehydration causes poor cellular and bodily functions, including premature aging. Even at high volume consumption levels of water, many are still dehydrated as the water with contaminants (pesticides, hormones, chemicals, bacteria, etc) flushes through the body. Even in developed countries, water contains similar contaminants and thus does not provide for the vital hydration fundamental to human health.

In addition, we wish to examine reported healthcare benefits with both reducing and oxidizing water. Reducing water is formed by direct hydrogenation of water with hydrogen gas. Oxidizing water is formed by either direct oxygenation of water that takes place when oxygen gas is dissolved, or through the addition of mild oxidizing agents (in particular citric acid plus sodium chlorite).

Reducing water is of alkaline pH with a negative redox potential. Oxidizing water is of acidic pH with a positive redox potential. In application terms, reducing water may confer healthcare benefits by minimizing or removing tissue oxidation damage that accumulates with aging and chronic degenerative diseases (such as arthritis). Oxidizing water probably has a general anti-pathogen effect that minimizes or removes adventitious infections that might otherwise impair bodily and physical wellbeing.

Other factors in water that may be significant derive from the unrivaled capabilities of water molecules to self-assemble into macromolecular structures at various temperatures and pressures. These structures too, introduced by various degrees of physical agitation and heterogeneous “combing” have yet to be fully understood but could have significant impacts on the hydration capabilities and other essential aspects of water use in nature.

Satya Project’s H2O: Health and Hydration program will progress in successive stages. After each stage of research, the subsequent stages will be analyzed and further refined to capitalize on the full potential of this project. While our H2O: Health and Hydration program is in a preparation phase, we have clear goals to translate promising research into product development.